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Doxa 16  荣耀颂歌 (十六)


当我们的需求被填满、当一切都美好、当胜利已确定的时候,赞美和颂歌很容易就可以从我们的嘴 里发出。可是,当资源减少、支持动摇、能力下降时,我们对上帝的赞美很快就变成了绝望的呼 喊、无助的叹息和失败的沉默。 
然而,正是在这样的时刻,我们仰望耶稣基督,因为祂歌唱(太 26:30; 学者告诉我们祂唱了哈利 诗篇:诗篇 113-118)。当祂面对过去三年, 因着门徒的自我中心而对祂的话充耳不闻,又不愿意 彼此洗脚等事情, 致使他们服侍的工作看似失败时, 耶稣歌唱。当耶稣知道在几小时之内,祂就要面 对众门徒的背叛和抛弃,以及那些祂来要拯救的人的指责和仇恨时, 祂仍歌唱。 
我们祈求这一集的诗歌能够帮助你效法基督的榜样,这样, 当你唱这些诗歌时,你就会发现“耶和华 是我的力量, 是我的诗歌, 祂也成了我的拯救“(诗 118:14) 

Doxa 16 荣耀颂歌 (十六)

  • Songs of praises and alleluias come so easily from our lips when our cups are filled, when all is well, when victory is sure. Yet when resources dwindle, support falters, abilities fail, our songs of alleluias quickly turn to shouts of desperation, sighs of helplessness, and silence of defeat.

    Yet it is in times like this that we look to Jesus Christ, for He sang (Matt. 26:30; scholars tell us He sang the Hallel psalms: Pss 113-118). When He faced the seeming failure of His three-year ministry with His disciples as their preoccupation with their egos turned to deaf ears to His words and an unwillingness to wash each other’s feet... Jesus sang. When Jesus knew that in a matter of hours, He was going to face the betrayal and abandonment of His disciples, the accusations and hatred of those for Whom He came to save... He still sang.

    We pray that the songs in this volume will help you follow the example of Christ, so that as you sing these songs, you will find discover that “The LORD is my strength and my song; He has become my salvation” (Ps 118:14).

DOXA -  minimun order 10 copies per series

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