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White Room
White Room

Height - 122cm.  |.  Width - 150.  |.  Depth - 61cm


Height - 129cm.  |.  Width - 150.  |.  Depth - 61cm



Sound body

Sound body is a very important part for a piano. Some people think the sound must be very beautiful as long as the wood of the soundboard is good, or the piano uses good hammers or imported German strings, which is one-sided in fact. The most important factor that decides the sound quality of a piano is not what kind of wood used on some parts, on the contrary, it depends on the design and techniques of sound body, which is also the most significant core technology of every piano manufacturer. If the design and techniques of sound body are unreasonable and inaccurate, even the piano is installed with the best hammers, action, strings and wood, it still can not be an excellent piano with good sound quality.


Sound body of Perzina pianos is from the classical design and unique techniques of German Perzina pianos, which has been inheriting for over 140 years. Especially the unique “floating soundboard” design of German Perzina pianos, further strengthens the overall resonance effect of soundboard vibration and decreases resistance as well as the attenuation of acoustical power. This key design concept creates the special middle & bass sound of Perzina pianos. It makes the sound on bass area of Perzina upright pianos deep, solid and strong, just like a baby grand piano. The scientific design of strings alignment further adds the speaking length as much as possible, increasing the amplitude of strings. Besides, the perfect arrangement of ribs on the soundboard and the exquisite craftsmanship, plus the accurate location of striking points, makes the sound of Perzina pianos purer, clearer and subtler.



String is the important source for pianos to make sound, carrying the physical vibration. It requires some indispensable natures besides the tension strength, for example, the tolerance of cross section diameter of steel wires must be within 3-5 microns. If the cross section of strings is oval, there will be two fundamental vibration frequencies on the same string, which causes beat tones on a single string and the same sound string group can’t be tuned pure. This problem will not be easily solved only by tuning. Besides, string is the metal and it will extend under the tension. However, if the extension is too much, the intonation will be hard to keep and the sound result is also bad; if the extension is too little, the string will be easily broken during the tuning. Therefore, Perzina pianos choose the best strings in the world-German ROSLAU (Blue Label top quality) strings to keep the purity of sound quality from the source.



The gentle and beautiful tone of Perzina pianos is from precise design of sound body, and the hammer is the “driving force” to make the sound body to produce beautiful tones. Hammers play a significant role on the expression of tones. In order to get such beautiful tones, the hammer must have appropriate hardness and flexibility. To guarantee the tone, Perzina pianos use Renner or Abel hammers on high-grade products, showing the exquisite sound perfectly. 


Pin block

Good-quality pin blocks guarantee the stability of pianos’ intonation, which is achieved by the friction caused by the interference fit of tuning pins and pin blocks. Pianos’ intonation will not keep its stability if tuning pins get loose under the influence of strings’ tension. What is more, the piano will loose its value for playing. To make sure the stability of Perzina pianos’ intonation, on high-grade upright pianos and grand pianos, German Dehonit pin blocks are used which are made of multilayer beech wood. Dehonit pin blocks, with their equal density and excellent performance, lay a solid foundation for the intonation of Perzina pianos.



Skeleton is the framework of the whole piano. The stability of a piano depends on whether the skeleton is firm and the materials it uses are good enough. Perzina pianos only select superior wood for their skeletons, trying best to make sure the wood materials are not decayed, wormy and knotted so that the stability of skeleton is guaranteed fundamentally.



The finish of pianos is an important aspect to reflect pianos’ beauty. It is also the aspect that people see from the first sight. The finish of each Perzina piano is designed by professional designers with their high aesthetic standard. After strict design and precise techniques, as well as the appreciation of many piano professors, Perzina pianos achieve their beauty finally, simple but eternal. In order to make sure cabinet finish perfect and stable, satisfying the need of designs and skills, medium & high density fiber boards used on Perzina pianos are imported from New Zealand and Australia; superior plywood is from Indonesia; high-class wood boards are from America and Brazil, etc. All these aspects make Perzina pianos standing out, with their colors of black, white, mahogany and walnut, etc.

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