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Doxa 15  荣耀颂歌 (十五)



诗篇 66 篇呼召上帝的子民来敬拜和歌颂,因为上帝的作为可畏 (1 至 4 節) !为什么呢?因为: (1)上帝的供应和能力显明于我们的救赎和需要上(5 至 7 节);(2)当我们感到痛苦时,上帝 的保护和炼净引领我们到达丰富之地;(8 至 12 节)(3)上帝垂听我们的祷告和祈求,不是因为 我们的敬虔和乞求,乃是因为祂爱我们(13 至 20 节)。


这一集的诗歌,回应诗篇 66 篇作者的心声。当你学习和咏唱这些诗歌时,我们期望您、您的诗班 和会众,一同和应诗人, 说:“上帝啊,你的作为何等可畏!” 又愿您同样对下面这首祈祷诗 “主超乎 所有颂赞” 作出迴响:


“请听,噢伟大救主,悦纳我们的爱,我们深知你荣美尊你为王; 无论我们的明天景况是好是坏,而我们必战胜忧虑扬声赞美你; 高声颂扬你荣美与荣耀到永远,甘心来献上我们心中的赞美。“

Doxa 15 荣耀颂歌 (十五)

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  • Psalm 66 calls God’s people to worship and sing, for God’s deeds are awesome (vv.1-4)! Why? Because of: (1) God’s providence and power (vv.5-7) for our salvation and sustenance; (2) God’s preservation and purification (vv.8-12) where our times of pain leads us to a place of abundance; (3) God’s answers to our pleas and prayers (vv.13-20), not because of our piety and pleadings, but because of his love for us.

    The songs in this volume echo the heart of the writer of Psalm 66. As you study and sing these songs, our prayer is that you, your choir, and congregation will join the psalmist in saying, “How awesome are Your deeds, O God!” May you also echo the prayer hymn (“O God Beyond All Praising”):

    “Then hear, O gracious Savior, accept the love we bring,

    that we who know Your favor may serve You as our King.

    and whether our tomorrows be filled with good or ill,

    we’ll triumph through our sorrows and rise to bless You still: to marvel at Your beauty and glory in Your ways,

    and make our joyful duty our sacrifice of praise.”

DOXA -  minimun order 10 copies per series

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