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聖誕恩臨 God's Christmas Grace

Century Celebration series contain a variety of anthems that provide beautiful music for church choirs at Sunday services and festive occasions. Through these anthems, human’s adoration, praises, thankfulness, admiration and prayers towards God can therefore be expressed. The selections include classical hymns, contemporary music and new compositions from Chinese composers. These songs are many Christians’ testimonies, expressing God’s greatness, faithfulness and wondrous deeds.





聖誕恩臨 God's Christmas Grace - 區美賢譯



齊來傾聽歡樂歌唱 Come and Hear the Joyful Singing

Michael Perry

Hal H. Hopson

arr. by Hal H. Hopson

陳麗嬋 譯

聖誕頌歌 Three French Carols

incorporating: "Sing We Now of Christmas"

"He Is Born, the Divine Christ Child"


arr. by Stan Pethel

林德樺 譯


是何嬰孩? What Child Is This?

Ruth Elaine Schram

李世珊 譯 



聖誕恩典 Christmas Grace

Ruth Elaine Schram

區美賢 譯

尋者之歌 Carols for Seekers

Joseph M. Martin

La Marche Des Rois & Coventry Carol

arr. by Joseph M. Martin

林德樺 譯


聖誕祝願 A Christmas Blessing

Pamela Stewart

Lloyd Larson

incorporating "Silent Night"

陳麗嬋 譯



聖誕恩臨 God's Christmas Grace


    DOXA -  minimun order 10 copies per series

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