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荣耀盼望 HOPE


Century Celebration series contain a variety of anthems that provide beautiful music for church choirs at Sunday services and festive occasions. Through these anthems, human’s adoration, praises, thankfulness, admiration and prayers towards God can therefore be expressed. The selections include classical hymns, contemporary music and new compositions from Chinese composers. These songs are many Christians’ testimonies, expressing God’s greatness, faithfulness and wondrous deeds.





荣耀盼望 HOPE - 區美賢譯


時代的禱告 A Prayer for Our Time

Pamela Martin / Joesph M. Martin incorporating MELTA by John Dykes


別無羔羊,別無他名 No Other Lamb, No Other Name
adapted by Jay Althouse from CHRISTINA ROSSETTI / Jay Althouse



Thomas O. Chisholm / Joel Raney

真光之父 Father of Light
Susan Bentall Boersma based onPsalm 56:3,4,13 / Craig Courtney


差遣我 We are Called
Mark Hayes based on Micah 6:8 / David Haas


平安像江河 Like a River in My Soul
Traditional Spiritual arr. by Tim Osiek & edited by Dan Forrest




荣耀盼望 HOPE


    DOXA -  minimun order 10 copies per series

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